Dom Borba Schönberg

June 17 | 1665 - 2020 | 355 Years

Battle of Montes Claros, a Decisive Battle for the History of Portugal. We celebrate this special date with unique flavors: Schönberg olive oil. From secular olive groves, near the battlefield.

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"Before reaching Vila Viçosa, it is decided by the command of the Portuguese forces that the troops stop in the Montes Claros area, halfway between Estremoz and the besieged village, where they consider that the terrain will be favorable to them ..."

"For Portugal, the battle of Montes Claros is the military victory that irreversibly decides independence and definitely opens the way for the peace treaty with Spain".

“The role of the Count of Schönberg in the War of Restoration is unavoidable; his professional and linguistic qualities guarantee him the command of foreign troops, since he has the rare quality of transforming various heterogeneous forces into effective combat units. In addition, it demonstrates an impeccable work ethic and an extremely determined attitude towards the objectives to be achieved ”.


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Higher grade extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives only extracted by mechanical processes. Cold extracted.


Galega e Cobrançosa

Maximum acidity

0.3 %

Organoleptic Characteristics

Fruity, fresh, with a spicy finish.


Ideal for fish, seafood and mild dishes, where olive oil stands out.


Keep away from light and heat.


500 ml


1.20 Kg