Dom Borba Bio

Produzido a partir das variedades Galega e pequenas quantidades da variedade Cobrançosa, este azeite certificado biologicamente e com aroma intenso, surge de uma seleção cuidadosa dos seus frutos, na busca de um sabor mais genuíno.





For the third consecutive year, the organic olive oil Olival dos Olivicultores de Borba was considered the Best Olive Oil on the Market, in the National Olive Oil Competition of Portugal. To this award, the Alentejo brand added, in the same contest, two more gold medals: the best olive oil in the ‘Medium green fruity” categories and the ‘Organic Production Mode’.

The organic production method is a system that encompasses all production stages from agricultural production to distribution and allows healthy food to be obtained through sustainable practices.

Dom Borba Bio olive oil is obtained from olives from Certified Organic Groves in the predominant Galega varieties and small quantities of the Cobrançosa variety.

Additional information


Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives only extracted by mechanical processes.


Galega e Cobrançosa

Maximum acidity

0.3 %

Organoleptic Characteristics

Fruity, fresh, and a slight spicy in the aftertaste.


Ideal for mild dishes, where olive oil is highlighted.


Keep away from light and heat


500 ml, 2x500ml


0.89 Kg, 1.78 Kg